The man and the myth...
Not much is known about our Founder, but from what we've been able to dig up - literally and figuratively - he was born to a slave in the House of Fierus at some time around 2500 B.C. As a slave with no knowledge of his own origins beyond the year of his birth and his name, Anasah. Master Fierus was arguably the wealthiest ferrus miner and merchant in the land and maintained meticulous ledgers that documented every transactional aspect of his massive empire. It is from these records that most of the history of our House has been recovered. What is known so far is that the Founder purchase his freedom though his innovative use of iron.
Legend has it that a jeweler and close friend of Master Fierus once promised a particularly lethal local warlord a one-of-a-kind bracelet. The jeweler's intention was to use a handful of rare black pearls. He tried everything he could to create the piece but just couldn't think of a way to fasten the pearls together into one seamless piece. He reasoned that he would have to drill a hole through the center of each pearl and somehow string them together but knew he had no tools sharp enough or hard enough to pierce the pearls without shattering them. So he traveled to the House of Fierus hoping to find a tool to suit his purpose.
Clever as he was, Anasah was unable to find a solution; it was impossible to link the pearls without drilling a hole through them or drill a hole without marring or shattering the pearls. Then an idea came to him. He began to refine the purest iron ore at his disposal until he'd fashioned 7 iron orbs identical to the pearls he'd been given. He then innovated and fashioned tiny iron bars into rings and linking them together to create what may have been the first chain in history. He threaded the chain through the orbs and fashioned them into a bracelet, the likes of which he and no one he knew had ever seen.
The jeweler was so grateful for Anasah's assistance that he gave him the bag of pearls. Anasah accepted the pearls as payment and used them one-by-one to purchase his freedom, the freedom of his friends, and to found the House of Anasah. Finally free and now the master of his own great House, he took the last remaining pearl, removed the golden band from his ear that marked him as a slave and wrapped it around the last remaining pearl to create Anasah's Tear.
At least that's the official story.
But a great House - like a great story - is not without its secrets... and surprises.