This is our Roadmap. It reflects the milestones by which we will measure our success.
Phase 1: Establish the House
  • Finalize branding and emblem design
  • Finalize NFT visual concept
  • Formalize HoA mission and vision
  • Social Media launch (Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Begin development of HoA smart contracts
  • Publish Whitepaper
  • Grow community with Twitter spaces and the House of Anasah on Clubhouse
Phase 2: Build the Village
  • Begin issuing whitelist spots
  • Official Project Launch
  • First round of HoA NFT mint
  • 1st Anasah Ally airdrop
  • Staking and Tokenomics details finalized and published
  • Second round of HoA NFT mint
  • Begin development of a dedicated platform for House Meetings
  • Wallet verification on the HoA homepage goes live
  • Final rounds of HoA NFT mint
  • Begin community meetings and workshops on our dedicated platform
  • House of Anasah stake pool goes live on Mainnet
Phase 3: Business Bazaar
  • Begin planning HoA Bazaar/ Business Marketplace
  • Fungible tokens issued to NFT holders
  • 2nd Anasah Ally airdrop
  • Fungible token distribution and redemption begins
  • HoA Bazaar / Business Marketplace opens to the World
Phase 4: TBD by the community
As you can see, our roadmap is well thought out and covers a range of activities, from branding and marketing to developing smart contracts, issuing NFTs and creating a dedicated platform for community meetings and workshops. The roadmap also includes plans to issue fungible tokens and set up a business marketplace.